Just Bee is in American Made.

Many thanks to American Made for featuring Just Bee Cosmetics in their March - April 2020 issue!
Just Bee is always dedicated to producing quality products that are 100% good for your skin. 
Here's a recap of their article:

Weather during the winter months has a tendency to dry out sensitive skin. Just Bee, a manufacturer of cosmetics founded by dedicated beekeepers, works to restore moisture and softness to the skin. In addition to using honey in all of their products, they use other bee-made ingredients, such as propolis and beeswax.

The company's newest lip line will give a comprehensive makeover to even the driest, most chapped lips. Treatment starts with an exfoliator that gently rubs away dead skin using natural beeswax. Next is a heavy-duty night treatment which includes bee propolis to heal and protect the skin. Bee propolis is a new word to many consumers, but people have been using the substance for thousands of years for it's healing properties.

In addition to these bee products, the lip balm includes coconut and jojoba oil, Vitamin E and Lavender essential oil. The unique, ultra-thick formula is what put Just Bee on the market in the first place, and it can protect sensitive skin from cracking and chapping.

Finally, Just bee offers lightweight lip balm in a portable tube, great for everyday wear. After undergoing the full Just Bee treatment, consumers can kiss dry, cracked lips goodbye.

Highlighted products:

Just Bee 100% Natural Honey Lip Scrub
Just Bee Cool 100% Natural Mint Lip Balm
Just Bee Sweet 100% Natural Honey Lip Balm
Just Bee Fresh 100% Natural Citrus Lip Balm
Just Bee Cozy 100% Natural Vanilla Lip Balm
Just Bee Restored 100% Natural Eucalyptus Lip Balm
Just Bee Renewed 100% Natural Lavender Lip Balm