• The Thirty: 31 Comforting Things That Make Us Feel Good When We Need It the Most

    "Give me all the candles! Burning a candle is such a simple way to set the tone for the task at hand. I usually burn something light and citrusy in the morning to get me in the zone for work. Then, I transition to a more earthy scent at night to wind down with Netflix or while reading in bed. Sin... View Post
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    Gifts to Fight Germs and Coronavirus by Alex HerringIn the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers everywhere are stocking up on germ-fighting agents that can help reduce the virus’s impact. Besides social distancing, avoiding face touches and keeping skin and surfaces clean are the best ways to... View Post
  • Many thanks to American Made for featuring Just Bee Cosmetics in their March - April 2020 issue!Just Bee is always dedicated to producing quality products that are 100% good for your skin. Here's a recap of their article:Weather during the winter months has a tendency to dry out sensitive skin. J... View Post