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Buzzing About Bridgerton

If you’re as smitten with Netflix's Bridgerton as we are, you probably noticed a very tiny, but ubiquitous character throughout the first season. 

Many have speculated about the meaning of this buzzy cast member ~ that it’s an ode to the Bridgerton patriarch’s untimely death.

But we have our theory ~ that the Bridgerton Bee represents the power of gossip/scandal. We don’t want to give anything away, but the series is dominated by the writings of Lady Whistledown, who as we come to find out is often clad in bee-like yellow (much to her chagrin) and adorned with flowers.

Bees have long played a role in fiction. They are often a symbol of vigilance, energy, and perfect order. Many believe they represent personal power.

The ancient Druids saw the humble bumble bee as a representation of the sun, around which we all orbit.

Honey is often a symbol of a person’s sweet, gentle nature ~ while a bee sting represents justice.

Lots to chew on ~ if you haven’t seen Bridgerton yet be sure to watch for our fabulous bee throughout.
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