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Peony & Mahogany - Just Bee Candle

Peony & Mahogany - Just Bee Candle

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Notes of Peony, Mahogany, Bergamot Citrus, Green Leaves

Embark on a sensory journey with our Peony & Mahogany candle, where the lush, full-bodied allure of peonies meets the rich, grounding essence of mahogany. This exquisite scent begins with the romantic, floral grace of peonies, a classic symbol of beauty and refinement. The heart of the fragrance reveals the deep, velvety tones of mahogany, enveloping the space in an aura of sophisticated warmth. Elevating this elegant fusion is a bright, crisp note of bergamot citrus, infusing a lively, refreshing twist. Green leaves add a final touch, bringing an earthy, natural feel that grounds and balances the scent. This candle is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life, transforming any room into a luxurious retreat.


13 OZ | UP TO 70 HRS
7 OZ | UP TO 40 HRS
3.5 OZ | UP TO 20 HRS



100% natural cotton wick, natural soy wax, organic coconut oil, naturally gathered beeswax, fragrance, essential oils


Our candles are available in three sizes:

3.5 oz Travel Tin: comes with a lid so you can pack it up and enjoy up to 20 hours clean burning anywhere. Also great as a sachet.

7 oz Glass Jar: up to 40 hours celan burning time. Reuse the glass jar after wax burns away for a myriad of uses.

13 oz Glass Jar: up to 70 hours celan burning time. Reuse the glass jar after wax burns away for a myriad of uses.

Care Instructions

To make the most of your Just Bee Candles:

Each time you light your candle check to make sure the wick is 1/4 inch long before lighting. Trim if necessary.

Keep your Just Bee Candle away from any breeze such as a fan or an open window.

Only burn your Just Bee Candle for about 4 hours at a time.

To prevent tunneling, let the top layer of wax to become evenly liquid (as opposed to a small ring around the flame) before extinguishing.

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You'll Love Our Clean Candles

Our candles are created with an extraordinary blend of natural soy wax, organic coconut oil, and naturally gathered beeswax. Scents blends are carefully designed to be aromatherapy grade.

  • Our Scent Blends are Different.

    We strive to create scent blends that are both on-trend, and healthy for you to breathe. Whenever possible we use organic essential oils blended with the finest fragrance oils we can find in order to create clean candles that are aromatherapy grade and toxin free. You'll notice a big difference when you first unpack our candles. They are highly aromatic and keep their scent longer than most candles thanks to these ingredients.

  • Why is Naturally Gathered Beeswax So Important?

    When beekeepers harvest, they must make sure that their bees have enough natural honey to get them through the Winter. Unfortunately some beekeepers remove all the honey and substitute sugar water or high fructose corn syrup. This substituted food lacks the nutrients honeybees need to thrive and many of them become malnourished and die. For those that do survive, their immune systems are so compromised that they cannot survive the parasites and pathogens that they encounter in warmer months.