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Introducing Just Bee Pastel Safety Matches


We are delighted to introduce our new Pastel Safety Matches.

Presented in a stylish white tube adorned with intricate black botanical drawings, our new matches offer a subtle elegance that hints at the wonders within. As the tube opens, a delightful surprise is revealed: an assortment of long matches in soft pastel shades, reflecting the serene palette of a blooming spring garden. 

These long matches ensure a safe and pleasant experience when lighting your new Just Bee candle or a cozy fireplace. But it's the touch of pastel colors that transforms an everyday task into a cherished ritual, adding a splash of visual delight to your candle-lighting routine. 

Our Pastel Safety Matches harmoniously complement our hand-painted botanical labels, offering more than just functionality - they enhance the overall sensory experience, adding a visual element to the rich, delightful aromas of our candles. 

Experience the enchantment of spring within your home all year round with our Pastel Safety Matches, turning the mundane into a moment of beauty. 

  • Matches measure 3.5 inches;
  • Tip colors include gentle tones of lavender, teal, orange, and yellow;
  • Crafted from wood;
  • Black striker on cylinder lid. 

Choose from large (100 matches), or small (28 matches).

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