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Lilac season is coming, here are some quick tips about the flower.

While Lilacs in the garden only bloom for about 3 weeks in the Spring, there are ways to incorporate this distinctive scent into your life year-round.  While you may think of them as a delicate flower, they are in fact rather tough. 

Most lilacs can withstand temps as harsh as 60 below F in the Winter.  They can be cut back dramatically and bounce back with gusto in just a year or two with resplendent blooms.  Many lilac plants are known to live well beyond 100 years!

Lilacs belong to the olive family, Oleaceae, and those beautiful blooms are in fact edible.  The Oleaceae family includes over 20 different plant species, including olives, ash, and jasmine. Some varieties can grow as tall as 30 feet.  It’s no wonder then that Lilacs are seen as a symbol of renewal and confidence.

Symbolism when it comes to flowers can be very dramatic and this is also true with the lovely lilac flower.  As we mentioned above, Lilacs are often seen as a symbol of renewal.  Much of this has to do with their Spring blooming habits.  Purple lilacs are the symbol of first love, while white lilacs symbolize purity and innocence.  Blueish toned lilacs symbolize happiness and tranquility.

If you suffer from anxiety (who doesn’t?) or depression, the scent of lilac can help. Lilac essential oil has been shown to calm and relax those who gently smell it. Lilac is one of the most popular oils in aromatherapy for this reason.

With their brilliant purple and bluish petals, it’s no wonder lilacs are a magnet for bees.  Thanks to their dense clusters bees can stay on the blossoms longer and gain abundant nectar nourishment without having to fly from plant to plant.

While honeybees are the most common pollinators to the lilac, the Leafcutter Bee also loves the flowers. Leafcutters collect pollen and drink nectar at the blossoms and create bee nests for their young amongst the leaves. Leafcutters are solitary so you probably wouldn’t notice them unless you’re looking.

One of our most popular scents year-round is our Just Bee Lilac Candle.  We blend our beautiful Lilac Candles with Natural Soy Wax, Organic Coconut Oil, Naturally Gathered Beeswax, and Essential Oils.   


Images via Unsplash: Top Photo by Karo K;  middle Rayia Soderberg; Product photos by Boxwood Studio

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