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Manage Bees Inside and Out

It’s no secret we love bees 🐝 here at Just Bee Cosmetics ~ but sometimes we hear about buzzing from places we’d rather not ... namely inside the walls of houses, inside barns, in flower beds, and near playgrounds.

While many simply take care of a wrongly located hive by killing the bees with poison, there are effective ways to humanely remove bees without their demise.

Here are a few:

1) Smoke 💨 bees are very sensitive to odors and smoke is one that sends off alarms within their hive. Build a fire near the rogue hive and they should leave pretty quickly.

2) Garlic 🧄 crush liberal amounts of garlic and mix with tap water. Spray it near the hive and they should find new digs pronto.

3) Citronella 🍊 candles and torches are effective at warding off all types of bugs, including bees.

4) Peppermint 🪴plant this fragrant herb in spots where bees shouldn’t be and they’ll be inclined to find a less minty neighborhood.

5) Cinnamon 🌳works well on ground based hives (like in your flower beds) sprinkle ground cinnamon around a hive you discover and it should convince your lawn loving bees to find a better location.
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