Shimmer-all-Winter-with-Just-Bee-Cosmetics-Organic-Shimmer-Sticks Just Bee Cosmetics

Shimmer all Winter with Just Bee Cosmetics Organic Shimmer Sticks

If you’ve never tried them, you should know that Just Bee Cosmetics Organic Shimmers are truly magnificent.

Deriving their color from minerals, including Mica Diamond Clusters, each shade offers a healthy glow that’s truly breath taking.  Whether you smooth them on your lips, or highlight your cheeks, the result will be gorgeous.

Our nourishing and natural Mineral Shimmers offer 6 spellbinding shades:

Bare: a bronzy hued highlighter

Wishful: a wash of silvery highlights

Carefree: inspired by pink roses

Cherished: peachy highlights over pink

Compelling: coppery hues

Elegant: a deeper shade of rose

Made with naturally gathered beeswax, organic oils of coconut, safflower, jojoba, castor, evening primrose, and capuacu butter, blended with mica diamond clusters and vitamin E.

Each shade is embellished with Just Bee Cosmetics signature illustrations.

Retailing at just $4.99 a tube, Just Bee Organic Shimmers are priced to be accessible to virtually everyone! 


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